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2000 Accord LX swap

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2000 Accord LX swap

enginehead enginehead
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Posted: 01/29/11
08:28 PM

I have been doing some research online and am wondering about this H22A swap.  I have a 2000 Honda Accord LX 4d 4cylinder.  it seems that all I have to do is find an H22A engine and manual trans and it will bolt right into the mounts in my car?  will the axles fit?  I have thought of converting to a 5 lug 4 disk brake set up, would the stock axles still fit?

which H22A engine do I need to find, the accord euro-r one or the JDM one?
how much engine bay modifications do I need to do?
will I need a different center consol and parking brake to go from auto to manual?
how hard is it to add a clutch pedal?